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We thank all our patients who have taken the time and trouble to give us their feedback.
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Reviews for our London Harley Street clinic

The botox has taken its shape and the result is fab! Thank you.

MS — London.

I would like to tell you how extremely happy I am with the service provided by Tee, she is extremely skilled and has given me the exact look I desired. A true professional and I will ensure to recommend the clinic to all my friends and family.

SB — London.

I’ve been going to Melior Clinics for years – everything you’d want and expect.

NC — London.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the results – the transformation is incredible. I just wish I’d had this done ages ago. Fantastic!

MW — London.

I first came to see Dr Tim Beazleigh in January 2013 to discuss a Botox treatment for the chronic migraines I suffered with. For the last 18 months I had been taking three Propranolol tablets per day as a form of treatment for my migraines and (when needed) a Rizatriptan tablet. On average, I would get between 2-4 migraine attacks per month.

After the consultation with Dr Beazleigh, I decided to try Botox as a form of treatment and stop taking the Propranolol. I am extremely pleased to say that it has completely stopped any form of migraines and has overwhelmingly changed my life.

I would (and do) recommend to anyone I meet that suffers with migraines to go and see Dr Beazleigh to discuss Botox treatment. I could not be any more pleased with the results. It’s absolutely amazing!!

JW — Surrey.

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Save Face reviews for London Harley Street

Our Harley Street clinic is independently assessed and monitored by Save Face. Patients are welcome to leave reviews for us on the Save Face website.

Read our Harley Street clinic’s Save Face reviews.

Reviews for our Huntingdon clinic

Tee has done such a wonderful job of the botox in my forehead and I am very pleased. She is excellent! She also really put me at ease, so I will definitely be seeing her again.

LC — Huntingdon.

I love the results. There is no heaviness in the eye-lid region and my eyes actually look more even now than ever before, so whatever you did there was brilliant. I will definitely be looking at having a complete re treatment with you again. My 41st birthday was last week and I still look 22!

VL — Cambridgeshire.

As ever, an excellent experience. I am always seen on time. Clinic is immaculate, and most importantly, the receptionist is friendly and discreet.

LG — Huntingdon.

Not sure my skin would look this great if it wasn’t for Dan. He understands skin and always delivers a treatment that’s suitable for me – couldn’t fault his skills or knowledge.

B— Huntingdon.

I have just received the most amazing treatment at the Melior Clinic in Huntingdon. The patience and care and the time taken to explain everything was absolutely wonderful.

I am delighted with the result of my treatment – it’s even better than I dared to hope for.

It was all done really quickly and so gently I was hardly aware of what was happening and the result is, for me, a miracle!

Thank you so much.

YA — Huntingdon.

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Save Face reviews for Huntingdon

Our Huntingdon clinic is independently assessed and monitored by Save Face. Patients are welcome to leave reviews for us on the Save Face website.

Read our Huntingdon clinic’s Save Face reviews.

Reviews for our Sevenoaks clinic

Just a note to say how delighted I was with the treatment I had at Sevenoaks by Dr. Beazleigh. Having been pretty nervous beforehand I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was. I look really refreshed and my face has a much nicer shape and less lines. Thank you so much and hopefully I can visit again in the future.

DT — Sevenoaks.

Thank you for the wonderful service

LO — Sevenoaks.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to you for making my experience at Melior Clinics an extremely comfortable and positive one.

TW — Kent.

I am really excited that a clinic has opened in Sevenoaks for Botox and other facial aesthetics. Previously, I had thought I needed to go up to Harley Street for reassurance but Dr Tim is an expert in the field and I’m completely happy to visit him here. He is experienced and interesting to talk to about creative uses of botox – such as for migraine – and completely trustworthy for the traditional forehead lines and wrinkles too. I feel total confidence and I’m looking forward to visiting again.

ST — Kent.

I have had two treatments and am eagerly awaiting the third.

After two Sculptra treatments, the change is particularly noticeable around my chin area where I had deep lines – they are still there but not as deep as they were. I have people saying to me that my skin looks fresher and someone had the cheek to ask if I had had anything done as I looked younger! I can also feel the difference on my face.

I think that because the treatment takes a while to really stimulate the collagen, the difference is more subtle and all of a sudden you realise that it is fairly noticeable, rather like a reverse ageing process. When I looked at the ‘before’ photos I realised just how much of an improvement the Sculptra has made. We get used to our faces but I definitely feel more confident about my looks since the Sculptra treatment.

LB — Maidstone.

Save Face reviews for Sevenoaks

Our Sevenoaks clinic is independently assessed and monitored by Save Face. Patients are welcome to leave reviews for us on the Save Face website.

Read our Sevenoaks clinic’s Save Face reviews.

Reviews for our Peterborough clinic

…thanks to all the staff and Dr Tim for an exceptional experience today. I arrived with fear of the unknown and somewhat anxious, but I need not have worried. I was immediately put at ease, seen swiftly and treated with honesty and care. I came out feeling a million dollars even without the treatment effect having taken place yet.

JA — Cambridge.

I didn’t have a chance to say how pleased I was with Tee’s service on my last visit.

MZ — Peterborough.

…just wanted to say thanks to Tim – I’m thrilled with the results so far. The change to my mouth in particular is amazing, no more miserable down tilt! So… one very happy and satisfied customer!

MS — Cambridgeshire.

I was so delighted with the results of my course of treatments with Sculptra I felt compelled to write to tell you.

I am 51 years old and had quite a lot of wrinkles, three courses of Sculptra have transformed my face, it now looks plumper and younger, whilst the lines are still there they are considerably reduced giving an extremely natural youthful look to my face. Many people have remarked on my ‘well being’ but as it was a gradual process no-one has any idea I have had help!

Thank you for your wonderful product.

Mrs CR — Birmingham.

Although I was aware that my face and skin needed a freshen up, cosmetic surgery was a step too far for me and one I was reluctant to take. I approached Melior Clinics who arranged a free consultation where I was able to discuss concerns about my appearance, the treatments available, and the possible side effects.

Their specialist, Therese Ward, was able to reassure me at every level and she recommended a personal treatment programme for me including botox.

I can genuinely say I am delighted with the results of the treatment – it’s made all the difference and my skin and smile really reflect who I am and how I feel. The whole experience was really positive, especially as Melior Clinics stayed in contact after treatment to see how I was getting on.

ZM — Cambridgeshire.

Save Face reviews for Peterborough

Our Peterborugh clinic is independently assessed and monitored by Save Face. Patients are welcome to leave reviews for us on the Save Face website.

Read our Peterborough clinic’s Save Face reviews.

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