Brighton Botox Clinic

There’s a new clinic in town – Brighton to be exact.  New in that it’s new to the area but the company has been established in Harley Street for over 10 years and their practitioner has great credentials – that’s reassuring – and more of him later. Brighton is a thriving town famed for its […]

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Carol Vorderman – The menopause and how she coped with depression

Carol Vorderman, the popular television personality and all round high achiever and lover of life, was driven to the brink of suicide by the menopause. Countdown presenter Carol Vordeman (pictured on the Lorraine show) became severely depressed when going through the menopause in her 50s. She was prescribed bio-identical hormones and the change in her mood […]

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Looking for Botox in London?

How to break it down and make sure you’re being treated by a qualified practitioner in a legitimate clinic. With so many Botox clinics and Botox practitioners available in London and the south east, how do you begin to make a decision about where to go and who to trust?  Here are some basic questions […]

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Have women started to use Botox before they get wrinkles?

For centuries, people have been fighting the natural signs of ageing. Many sorts of potions and remedies were concocted in their battle, but the one thing that remained a constant amongst the changing recipes, was it’s objective – to slow down the ageing process. When Botox came onto the scene after FDA approval in 2002, […]

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