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Botox – The Wonder Treatment

The cosmetic benefits of Botox for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles is highly practiced and increasingly popular, particularly in combination with dermal fillers and other facial aesthetics products.  However, in reality, Botox is also an extremely effective treatment for the relief of a wide variety of medical conditions and is often the treatment of choice for medical practitioners, particularly for pain management and the relief of muscle spasms.

The cosmetic and aesthetic benefits of Botox treatments first became apparent following the use of this resourceful treatment during a muscle-relaxing treatment to realign a squint.  A significantly visible effect of this treatment can be smoother, softer skin to the treated area.  Hence, a new use for this highly diverse treatment was born which has subsequently proved the most popular facial aesthetic treatment and is practised throughout the world.

Common conditions for which Botox has proved an effective treatment include:

Aesthetics & Cosmetics

Fine lines and wrinkles can be eradicated by injecting targeted muscle groups to the forehead, glabella and crows feet areas.

Masseter Jaw  Reduction

Jaw muscles can be relaxed causing narrowing to a wide, masculine face.

Hyperhydrosis/Excessive Sweating

Sympathetic nerves that supply the eccrine glands can be blocked, which can eliminate the production of sweat.

Creating Smiles

The corners of the mouth are injected to slightly turn them up, which can create a more pleasant appearing smile.

Muscle Spasms & Twitching

Specific muscle groups are injected with the intention of relieving involuntary eyelid closure, eye twitching, face, jaw and neck spasms, vocal chord spasms, and even stuttering.

Chronic Migraines

Used as a preventive treatment for chronic migraines by relaxing muscles and blocking pain signals.


Botox is injected into the relevant extra-ocular muscle, which can relax the muscle, giving the impression of an aligned gaze.

Parkinson’s Disease

Used to loosen tight spastic muscles, which can relieve the pain associated with Parkinson’s Disease, usually in combination with physical treatments to stretch newly loosened muscles.


Common and popular treatment where Botox can cause weakness in the targeted muscle, thus relaxing the spasm and relieving dystonia.

Relax Bands in the Neck

Used to soften vertical lines in the neck and stimulate a neck lift.

Cerebral Palsy

Used as a therapeutic muscle-relaxing agent that reduces the rigidity of muscles or unwanted spasms. Benefits can include ease in stretching, improvement in range of motion, tolerance to wearing braces and developmental improvements in crawling, standing, or gait changes.

Bruxism/Jaw Clenching

Relief of facial pain and excessive wear on teeth which can be treated by weakening the most spastic part of the very large masseter/jaw muscle without affecting the ability to chew.

Over-active Bladder

Injected into the base of the bladder with the aim of relieving the problems associated with an over-active bladder.

Dimpled Chin

By relaxing the muscles in the chin, thereby reducing the appearance of “golf ball chin” as it is sometimes referred.

Smelly Feet

Smelly feet can be treated by injecting Botox to block the nerves that encourage the sweat glands to produce excessive sweat and therefore bacteria.


The treatment of choice for blepharospasm. When injected into muscles, it can temporarily weaken the muscles.

Breast lift

By injecting the pectoral muscles with Botox, breast tissue can be temporarily lifted.

Face lift

Lift and contour the entire face by manipulating larger muscles that can dictate your current face shape.

Urinary Retention

Prevents reflex micturition through inhibition of parasympathetic and gamma-neurone innervation.

Urge Incontinence

Injected into the smooth muscle of the bladder to both enlarge its functional capacity and prevent reflex

The use of this miracle treatment is closely controlled and regulated by the MHRA. It has been approved for the treatment of a wide variety of medical and cosmetic conditions.  As a highly effective and convenient treatment, the use of Botox as a non-surgical procedure has become the  treatment of choice for often painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions.

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