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3-D Global, The Modern Approach to Facial Aesthetics

The modern approach to non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments as a viable alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery is proving ever more popular. Advanced facial aesthetic clinics are now approaching treatments from a three dimensional, more global perspective – focusing on loss of volume together with sagging of the skin, activity of facial muscles and direct treatment to the skin surface. It is a holistic approach, using combination treatments.

Volumising filler (including Voluma) is an important core treatment used by the more experienced practitioners using this revolutionary ‘3-D Global approach’. It has an excellent “high lift” quality and provides the basis of treatment by enabling re-contouring, definition and augmentation of the mid-face region. These are used in combination with the more traditional muscle relaxing products including Botox which, together, can help address a range of issues and provide a significant improvement to the overall look of the face and neck areas.

A truly experienced 3-D Global facial aesthetic clinic should be able to offer the very latest products and techniques within their portfolio to enable their practitioners to consider treatments using the most up to date 3-D Global approach. Where appropriate, products should be used in combination to ensure patients receive the best possible outcome from their treatments.

Patients should therefore not restrict themselves to using the more traditional methods but should be open to considering alternative treatments as recommended by their practitioners. New facial aesthetic techniques offer viable and excellent alternatives from the more traditional methods. For example, nasolabial folds, traditionally treated with dermal fillers , could be equally or better treated by introducing a volumising filler with it’s high lift quality, to the upper face to lift the cheeks. Where Botox was previously used to the jowl area, a volumising filler used into the upper and lower face can help lift these problem zones.

Sagging jawlines, loss of volume to cheeks and chins and fine lines and wrinkles can all be addressed with non-surgical techniques which provide a softer result than the traditional surgical face lift which focuses on tightening the skin rather than re-introducing volume.

Advanced facial aesthetic clinics are also able to offer a viable alternative to rhinoplasty by using dermal fillers to reshape and contour the nose. Volumising fillers are used by specialist clinics to augment the cheeks and sculpt the mid-face region and Botox can be used to lift the mouth area, all without the need for invasive surgery and commensurate recuperation downtime.

The absolute key to achieving a fantastic result from a facial aesthetic treatment is to have confidence in a practitioner’s product knowledge and ability to perform the treatments offered within their portfolio. Ensure that your practitioner is highly experienced and qualified to perform specific treatments using the products they offer and that treatments are backed by a money-back guarantee. A reputable clinic will always offer a free, no obligation consultation and a complimentary review service post-treatment.

Article produced by Melior Clinics Ltd of Harley Street
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