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The stiff upper lip makes a comeback

Lip definition for men

It’s not only women who feel that their looks and confidence can be enhanced though adding fullness and definition to their lips. It is becoming increasingly common for men to take control of their appearance through aesthetic treatment and, encouragingly, they feel very comfortable in doing so.

Male lip enhancing treatments are increasingly popular

There has been a trend in recent years for men to seek treatment to enhance the definition and strength of their lip shape – this has been seen across the beauty industry and it is certainly something we have seen at our clinics.

Why do lips become thinner?

As we age, and collagen production decreases, thinning lips can be a natural consequence of the changes in our bodies. This tends to be more common in men and women over 40 years of age. Stress can also be a factor in lower collagen levels, which plays a vital role in keeping lips full and youthful.

Thinning lips are often considered to be ageing and, for both men and women, this can impact self-esteem and confidence. Therefore, many patients are looking for a treatment, which will not only restore youthful fullness to their lips, but which can also give back the definition to the lip edge or ‘vermillion border’.

What treatment options are available?

Lip filler treatments can create a look that’s subtle yet different, by enhancing the natural look of a patient’s lips.

Injectable hyaluronic acid-based fillers are used to add volume where needed and to enhance the existing, natural lip shape.

The hyaluronic acid works through binding water in the skin, which helps to smooth fine lines and provide fullness where required.

What are the benefits of lip fillers?

Lips will not only appear more attractive, they’ll also feel healthier, softer and more hydrated.

Lip enhancement treatments are a safe and natural way to create more voluminous lips and can also combat fine smokers’ lines, wrinkles, smile lines, lowered corners or oral commissures, as well as enhance the cupid’s bow.

Talk to us about male lip enhancement

We specialise in all lip procedures and we also excel in the use of anaesthetics, which can often mean the treatment can be performed without any pain and minimal swelling.

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