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Improved Patient Outcomes by Medically Led Clinics

When dealing with treatments and patients’ general health and well-being, most people would prefer hospitals and clinics – in both the public and private sectors – to be medically led, rather than to have the main patient decisions determined by non-medically trained professionals. Many feel that patient outcomes should be led wholly by medically qualified personnel rather than by the Finance Director, investors, accounts books and KPIs.

In this current economic climate, hospitals and clinics need more than ever to be aware of patient care versus expenditure, but many feel that without a doctor at the helm, the soul and ethics of medicine, particularly in the private sector, can become diluted in favour of the statistics.

Melior Clinics is a medically-led facial aesthetics and health centre headed by Dr Tim Beazleigh and his team of medically qualified facial aesthetics specialists and skin care experts. Their main concern is to provide a first rate service based entirely on what is considered to be in a patient’s best interests, using only the best quality products including Botox, Juvederm and Sculptra. Profits will never come before the decision to treat a patient and then, only if they are a genuinely viable candidate for treatment. So strongly do they feel this, that Melior Clinics is one of the few clinics in the UK to offer a money-back guarantee. This protects a patient two ways – firstly, by ensuring that only a treatment resulting in significant improvement will be recommended and secondly, by committing themselves to resolve any dissatisfaction at their own cost.

For some clinics led predominantly by non-medical personnel, it can become easier to lose sight of the ethics of certain treatments, in favour of an increase in income or to cut corners in an effort to increase the profit margin. This can potentially lead to inappropriate treatments being recommended, inferior quality products being used and inexperienced personnel performing procedures.

Wherever possible, a patient should try to ascertain whether the clinic they are considering using is headed by a team of medical professionals who should have a real understanding of patient care and realistic treatment expectations, or industry chiefs and entrepreneurs, who will always give extra credence to the profit and loss statistics of the organisation.

Article produced by Melior Clinics of Harley Street
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