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What is a Full Face Botox Treatment?

‘Full face’ botox treatments are becoming more and more popular. Men and women are looking to rejuvenate the whole face and not just specific regions to the upper section, by-passing a variety of invasive surgical alternatives.

The uses of full face botox treatments extend beyond the traditional three areas – the forehead, glabella and crows feet. It includes additional regions including the “bunny lines” to the upper nose, smokers lines above the top lip, smiles lines to the lower cheek and dimpling to the front of the chin. Extra treatment to the neck and décolletage is also available.

Bunny lines

We use significantly smaller quantities of botox in these additional areas, so we weaken rather than freeze the muscle groups. This retains full movement in those areas, particularly important to the mouth area.

Botox can be used to target smokers lines

The overall look that can be achieved is one of balance. It restores smoothness and rejuvenation to the full face and not just the individual areas of the upper face.

Where to have Full Face Botox Treatments

Full face Botox treatments are available at our Harley Street, Huntingdon, Peterborough and Sevenoaks clinics. A full portfolio of facial aesthetic treatments, including dermal fillers, lip enhancements and chemical peels, are also available.

We offer full face botox treatments at no additional cost to all patients attending clinic for a three area treatment. Free consultations and reviews are included in the service.

Book online or call 0330 024 1300 for more information.