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Why is the décolletage neglected when considering rejuvenation and anti-ageing treatments?

For many women, anti-ageing and rejuvenation treatments are focused predominantly to the face so other areas including the neck, décolletage and cleavage are often ignored. Precautionary or maintenance measures to ensure décolletage skin remains blemish and line free are unfortunately not built into beauty regimes and as such, this area is one of the first to show the signs of ageing particularly as the skin tends to be thinner, less moisturised, and often overlooked in the sun protection regimen.

Skin on the neckline, chest and cleavage is much thinner than skin on backs, arms and legs. Thin skin is more susceptible to sun damage and the associated visible ageing effects because the sun can penetrate deeper into the vulnerable dermis of this particular region. For this reason, certain rejuvenating treatments, including laser resurfacing, are considered too strong for this delicate area.

As the décolletage often has a variety of issues that need addressing – hyper-pigmentation, photo damage, fine lines and deeper creases (to the cleavage) – the likelihood is that a combination of treatments will be required to rejuvenate and revitalise this area.

Fine lines and wrinkles to the décolletage can be smoothed using anti-wrinkle injections including Botox, and the thicker, crepey lines to the cleavage can be diminished by using a light dermal filler such as Juvederm. Skin treatment systems including the clinically proven Obagi Elastiderm Décolletage System revitalise the décolletage skin making it smoother, flawless and younger looking.

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