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Jan Marini Skin Care

Melior Clinics introduces the Jan Marini range of skin care treatments and aesthetic products into its portfolio.

Having carefully considered leading brands of skin care systems and therapies, Melior Clinics has selected Jan Marini Skin Research, a leading manufacturer of clinically validated skin care and aesthetic products. Known for creating breakthrough product solutions and dramatic technological advancements, JMSR pioneered the use of glycolic acid in skin care which is used in their increasingly popular Glycolic peels, preparation treatments and skin care management systems. With low glycolic acid and high PH content, JMSR products are ideal for all skin types and can be used safely within both the clinic and home environment.

Jan Marini Skin Research is known for creating breakthrough product solutions and dramatic technological achievements, establishing a portfolio of proprietary formulas that measurably improve the appearance of common skin conditions such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and rosacea.

Melior Clinics is able to recommend the most appropriate skin care therapy or regime for all individual skin types and will carefully monitor results and offer support through their extensive post-therapy care service. Free consultations are available over the telephone or Skype or face-to-face in clinic. We offer a money-back guarantee as genuine products from JMSR and available at discounted prices on the Melior Clinics retail website

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