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What is a Viable Alternative to a Face Lift?

SculptraTM is a unique collagen replenishing treatment that helps to gradually and subtly reduce lines, wrinkles and folds. It works by stimulating the build up of the body’s natural collagen to restore facial contouring, eliminate lines and bring back lost facial volume – particularly to sunken cheeks and temples – to give a fuller, firmer, younger-looking face. A simple, injectable volumising treatment, Sculptra contains an excellent “lifting” quality which eradicates the need for surgery and provides a viable alternative to expensive, potential risky and time consuming face lifts.

By helping to replenish your own facial collagen and restore lost volume, Sculptra can give a fuller, more natural look that can last for up to 24 months. The enhancement can long lasting and aims to look completely natural. Skin smoothing micro-particles help lift and smooth sagging skin, wrinkles, creases, dark circles and scars.

On average, three treatments are required and results should be noticeable after approximately six weeks.

Sculptra treatments are offered within Melior Clinics comprehensive non-surgical treatment portfolio including Botox, dermal and lip fillers, skin peels and dermarollers. Their London Botox & Skin Clinic on Harley Street is supported by seven other UK locations.

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