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Why Do Some Lines Not Disappear After Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Facial lines and wrinkles can form due to a multitude of factors including the natural ageing process, photo damage, muscle movement over the years and gravity/elasticity loss.

Fine lines and wrinkles that appear with normal movement are called dynamic lines. Deeper lines and creases that remain unchanged when the face is at rest are called static lines; eventually all dynamic lines become static lines. Facial lines in general arise due to irregular thickening of the dermis and due to a decrease in the amount of water held by the epidermis. The causation of this is mainly due to sun damage and exposure to the environment.

The most appropriate treatment for dynamic lines can be Botox, which works by relaxing the muscles that are responsible for frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines. It is unable to make ‘static lines’ disappear though it does soften them and temporarily prevents worsening. Regular treatments can keep the results at their peak.

Hydrated, rejuvenated and luminescent skin can really enhance a Botox treatment and therefore regular assessment and conditioning of the skin is paramount. Topical retinoids including Jan Marini Retinol Plus, Vitamin C Jan Marini C’Esta Serum, Obagi C-Serum and alpha hydroxyl acids including Jan Marini Glycolic Facial Wash and Bioglycolic Bioclear (cream or lotion) all help to assist with resurfacing the skin improving the texture as well as fine lines and wrinkles .

Most sun damage occurs before the age of 10 years and at least 80% before the age of 18 years and it can take up to 10, 20, 30 years or longer for this damage to show. It is therefore imperative to protect the skin from the sun all year round. Face protectants including Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30 and Obagi Sun Shield SPF 50 are recommended for daily use.

Prevention is better than cure in all cases and results of aesthetic treatment are naturally enhanced by healthy skin.

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