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How Will cheek fillers make me look younger?

Facial volume conveys youth and many practitioners believe that anti-ageing treatments should focus on the mid face region to restore lost volume and revert back to rounder, plumper, heart shaped proportions. As highlighted in recent articles in The New York Times and Daily Mail many practitioners on both sides of the Atlantic are now turning their attention from smoothing out deeper lines and folds to the lower face, namely the naso-labial folds and marionette lines, to increasing volume to the mid-face to restore rounder, plumper cheeks thereby also automatically lifting and softening the lower face folds and creases.

The Triangle of Youth

The triangle of youth refers to the widest point of the face which, in a young face, is across the top of the cheeks. However, during the ageing process substantial changes to facial proportions occur and this triangle is reversed. Therefore the widest part of an aged face becomes the jaw line as the cheeks lose their plumpness and the fat pads and loose skin sag downwards, creating jowls.

How Volumising Fillers Can Help

The effect that rejuvenation specialists are trying to recreate can successfully be achieved with volumising fillers such as Juvederm Voluma. Rather than target the deeper lines and creases to the lower face with traditional dermal fillers and focus on improving the appearance of these, many anti-ageing specialists believe that unless lost volume to the cheeks is also addressed, patients will not necessarily look any younger. Due to the lifting qualities of many volumising fillers, which have a higher hyaluronic acid content than traditional fillers, as well as plumping the cheeks, they also soften and help lift the lines and folds around the mouth. The benefits of volumising fillers are thus, twofold.

By addressing mid-face volume loss with volumising fillers, the triangle of youth can reverts back. Due to the ageing process, the widest point migrates downwards to the jawline as the fat pads and skin begin to sag. By treating the mid-face region with volumising fillers which also lift the skin, the triangle of youth can be reversed back to its optimum position.

For more information or to arrange a free consultation to discuss how volumising fillers or traditional dermal fillers can help address lines, folds and deeper creases, check out our Juvederm Voluma page, or alternatively get in contact with us.

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