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10 things you need to know before considering anti-wrinkle treatments

  • Botox

Year after year, Botox ranks as the number one minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, but before you take the plunge it’s important to find out if Botox is safe, and what you need to know before getting it.

1. What happens during my first consultation?

First of all you will have an assessment to see if you are a viable Botox patient, for instance if you have fine lines and wrinkles that appear when your face is moving you would be considered suitable for Botox, or if you have deeper lines and folds that are static/permanently showing you would be considered suitable for dermal fillers. You will be asked to pull some faces (raising your eyebrows, scowling, grinning and so on) so the practitioner can see which muscles you are using and target these with Botox to stop the muscles from contracting, thereby stopping the fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

2. How long does the first session take?

Your first session will include a free no obligation consultation and treatment usually takes up to 30 minutes. A free review and top up is offered to all Botox patients, that they should have between 2-4 weeks following treatment, which allows time for the original treatment to settle (approximately 10-14 days).

3. How long does it last? And when will I need top ups?

An anti-ageing Botox treatment will usually last 4-5 months although you should start to notice a slow and gradual regression from about three months.

4. How much does it cost?

Botox treatments are priced by area of the body they are administered (for example the forehead, glabella or crows feet) and costs £225 for one treatment, £275 for two and £325 for a three area treatments. For patients who opt to have a three area treatment, we will also treat the lower face at no additional cost, providing you with a ‘full face treatment’. Full details of our pricing can be found on our price lists.

5. Will my face start to sag if it’s not regularly injected?

Once a Botox treatment has stopped being effective, your lines and wrinkles will usually reappear as they were prior to treatment. There will usually be a gradual regression to this from about 3 months following treatment.

6. How do I make sure I don’t look like I’ve had too much Botox?

Although some Botox patients are looking for an obviously static face, most patients prefer a more subtle look, which can be achieved by using appropriate doses of Botox to specific muscle groups to soften the areas and freshen the overall look of the face.

7. How can I find out whether the provider is safe?

It is best to always source a doctor lead Botox clinic with a team of medically qualified specialists who are expertly trained in Botox treatments. At Melior Clinics we also use Botox to treat migraines, hyperhidrosis and masseter jaw, and as such we are considered specialists within the field.

8. What are the risks of non-surgical procedures? And do I need to see a doctor before I can get Botox?

Non-surgical procedures are often preferred as an alternative to surgical treatment as the risks are significantly reduced. However there can be bruising or swelling at the injection sites and in some instances (with Botox treatments) a ptosis (which is essentially a drooping of the eyelid) can become evident, which is where excess product has been injected causing the muscle to relax too much. Therefore it is best to always approach Botox specialists to avoid this happening. Keep in mind that for Botox treatments you do not need to be referred by your GP.

9. How will I feel after the procedure?

As the Botox injections are very superficial with the needle just penetrating the surface of the skin, there shouldn’t be any noticeable after effects, however very occasionally a patient may notice they have a headache after treatment. We also ask that our Botox patients refrain from aerobic exercise or sports for at least 24 hours after treatment.

10. What makes Melior’s treatment different others?

At Melior we offer free consultations, reviews and top up appointments with a first rate after care service including direct access to a Botox specialist. We offer a money-back guarantee for our treatments, so if we feel you are unlikely to notice significant improvement following treatment we will recommend that you don’t proceed. All of our practitioners are medically qualified and specialists within the facial aesthetics field.

If you want to find out about more about other peoples experiences with Botox we recommend reading some of the testimonials we have on our website. If you want to find out more about how Botox can benefit you and for advice about treatment costs and the procedure you can contact us using our online contact form or call us on 0330 024 1300. Alternatively if you would like to arrange to see one our expert professionals you can easily book a consultation online.