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6 Myths of Laser Hair Removal Explained

My thoughts and experience of laser hair removal

6 myths explained

We’re always grateful to receive feedback from our numerous happy clients, many of which can be viewed in our testimonials section. For this feedback that we received from JG from Huntingdon we felt it was deserving of an entire article that detail her thoughts on her experience of laser hair removal treatments with us at Melior Clinics, and JG has also included 6 myths that were dispelled during her treatment:

I’d like to share with you my own experiences with laser hair removal and the wonderful results I’ve had! I know that body hair and its removal are challenging and frustrating processes for so many of you, I feel like this topic deserves some attention, especially since there are so many myths floating around about the treatments and their results.

Myth #1

It’s Painful

I didn’t find this treatment painful at all. I was a bit nervous initially from hearing various horror stories but it honestly wasn’t any worse than waxing. The system Melior Clinics use is the Cynosure Elite which has a cooling system attached to it, so whilst the laser is working there is also cold air being blown directly onto the same areas so it just felt cold more than anything.

Myth #2

It Takes Forever

My treatment was quite quick. I had to go in for a consultation and patch test initially and then 2 days later was able to proceed to the first treatment. I had underarms treated which took about 10 minutes’ treatment time and bikini line was about 20 minutes’ treatment time.

Myth #3

My Skin will be Damaged

My skin was absolutely fine afterwards. I don’t really suffer with sensitive skin anyway though and there was minimal redness. I was told to apply aloe vera gel for a couple of days afterwards which I did and to avoid sunbathing, sunbeds, swimming etc which was just to protect the skin after having a heat treatment and also prevent any infection to the treated area – again much like waxing to be honest so this didn’t faze me.

Myth #4

Hair Grows Back

I did notice what appeared to be ‘hair growth’ probably after about a week. Unlike waxing, the hair is not pulled out from the root, but targeted and killed at the root so the hair in the follicle then does come to the surface which is what you can see…. Not hair regrowth as it might look like. These hairs come away very easily as they are no longer attached at the root and will come away easily when you next shave. As an ex waxer I was told to no longer wax as they need the hair in the root of the follicle to target. Therefore in between laser sessions, it’s important to shave the area, especially just before a laser appointment so the area is smooth and hair free (if the laser catches a hair it can ‘singe’ it and this does cause a little stinging sensations or ping of an elastic band.

Myth #5

It Costs a Fortune

A course of laser treatment at Melior clinics for underarm and bikini wax is £562.50 for 6 sessions (with their current offer of 25% off). I’ve been able to pay this in 3 instalments, half at the first session and then the remaining half in 2 payments so it’s much easier to budget for. I would certainly say it’s worth the value for money as I’ll soon not have to worry about shaving or waxing. I have been told I might have to have the occasional one off treatment after I have finished the course but I’m fine with that, especially if it’s just once or twice a year to keep the hair at bay!

Myth #6

IPL is the Same as Laser Hair Removal

Both IPL and Laser treatments use energy to interfere with the hair follicle to minimise hair growth, however there are more benefits to using a laser which are:

  • Lasers are usually safe on all skin tones
  • They are generally more effective than IPL
  • They are considered to be more precise, targeting the hair follicle only, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged
  • Laser settings can be adjusted according to skin tone and hair colour

Written by patient JG, Huntingdon

We feel that JG’s comments perfectly sum up the experience of many of our patients who receive laser hair removal treatments with us, but if you would like to find out more about how laser hair removal could benefit you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have. You can arrange for us to call you by filling out our online contact form, you can call 0330 024 1300 where a friendly member of the team will help you with your enquiry, or alternatively you can book a free consultation online or in person at any one of our clinics.