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BHRT and its benefits – in layman’s terms

Until fairly recently there were very few treatment options to help women through the menopause; synthetic hormone patches (with a series of possible side effects),  organic but non-clinically validated remedies and the stoic but ultimately unsatisfactory approach of  ‘muddling through’.

New to the UK but massive in the US is BHRT – an exciting step forward in the science of healthy ageing.  Bio-identical HRT is the fresh, modern and innovative way to combat the symptoms of menopause and helps to slow the body’s natural decline, retaining more energy and vitality.   It works by replacing and rebalancing the body’s hormones using entirely natural hormones which have an identical molecular & chemical structure to naturally occurring hormones in the body.  As a result, they fit their hormone receptor sites perfectly so their effects are more consistent with the normal biochemistry of the body, so the dreaded side effects of conventional HRT seldom occur.

Bio-identical HRT experts use their specialist knowledge of bio-identical hormones to create bespoke medication packages to enable their patients to manage and treat the symptoms of hormone imbalances.   Following a consultation, during which a blood test will be performed to establish hormone levels, a prescription for tailor-made BHRT hormones will be despatched to a specialist pharmacy for dispensing.   As these hormones are converted from plant sources and manufactured in powder form, patients can choose if they prefer them in oral or patch forms.

As well as managing hormone imbalances caused by the lead up to menopause BHRT can also address a range of other hormone related conditions including endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, acne and polycystic ovaries.  BHRT is available to women and men, both of whom suffer hormone imbalances due to the ageing process, to help restore and maintain optimal health and hormone balance.

Patients should budget for an initial spend of approximately £800-£1000 which includes a mammogram and/or pelvic ultrasound tests if appropriate.  Medication costs approximately £3 per day – the same as a daily cup of coffee!

For more information, for a list of BHRT Q&As or to book a free consultation with a BHRT London specialist, please click here.