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Botox clinics – Orpington area

If you’re in Orpington and seeking the perfect Botox clinic then you’re spoilt for choice! You’re in easy reach of not one, but two of our clinics offering expert treatments with Botox and many other medical aesthetic options.

Melior Clinics is a favourite for Orpington residents seeking Botox treatment, with over 130 patients from Orpington frequenting our Sevenoaks and Harley Street clinics.

Melior Clinics of Harley Street

Our flagship clinic is in the heart of Harley Street, London. We’re proud to be one of the many prestigious medical institutions which call this famous road home.

Our Harley Street clinic provides a large portfolio of treatments, including:

 The Botox has taken its shape and the result is fab! Thank you.

M.S. in London

Melior Clinics of Sevenoaks

Or, if you yearn back to Orpington’s Kentish roots, then our Sevenoaks clinic is just an easy drive away, straight down the A21. Established in 2010, we continue to offer a wide range of treatments including:

Just a note to say how delighted I was with the treatment I had at Sevenoaks by Dr.Beazleigh. Having been pretty nervous beforehand I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable it was. I look really refreshed and my face has a much nicer shape and less lines. Thank you so much and hopefully I can visit again in the future.

D.T. in Sevenoaks

How we use Botox

Botox is famous for its ability to smooth out fine lines and permanent wrinkles. It does this by relaxing the muscles which cause repeated facial expressions, such as worry lines on your forehead, allowing the wrinkles to naturally smooth out.

But that’s not the only way that Botox benefits Melior Clinics’ patients. We also use it as an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, as it has a similar relaxing effect on the eccrine and apocrine glands, which can stop them producing sweat.

Botox has also become a weapon in the battle against migraines in recent years. It relaxes muscles in the forehead, neck and shoulders, and it is believed that it may also block pain signals. The overall effect is often a significant reduction in migraine pain.

We also use Botox to weaken and shrink the masseter jaw muscles, for use with patients where the masseter muscles have bunched up, causing a widened or square jaw shape to form. This is particular popular among women who suffer from masseter jaw, as the treatment returns them to a softer, more naturally feminine jawline.

Other aesthetic treatments

If you’re searching for the ultimate anti-wrinkle treatment then combining Botox with dermal fillers can be the perfect blend. Botox will target areas where muscle relaxation can help to control lines, such as crow’s feet, while dermal fillers will help with static lines, which aren’t caused by repeated muscle movements.

Our lip filler treatments will balance and hydrate your lips to create a beautiful natural effect. They can also be used to target specific problems, such as thin lips and shallow cupid’s bows.

If needles aren’t your thing then our CACI non-surgical facelift, offered from our Harley Street clinic, could be the perfect solution. Lie back and allow one of our expert practitioners to use technology which works in harmony with your own bio-electrical field to firm your face, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and tightening sagging skin.

Find out more about our full range of treatments.

How to find our Harley Street clinic

Our London home is at 39 Harley Street. Travelling in by train to London Bridge, catch the Jubilee Line to Bond Street and it’s a short walk from there. If you arrive at Victoria then the Victoria Line to Oxford Circus would be your best option. Arriving at Charing Cross, the quickest option is to walk to Embankment and then catch the Bakerloo Line to Oxford Circus.

How to find our Sevenoaks clinic

Our clinic at 47 Dartford Road (the A225), Sevenoaks, is just 25 minutes away by car. From the M25 exit onto the A25 before continuing on to the A224 and B2020 until you reach the A225. The clinic is just before the Avenue Road turn off, there is ample parking to the rear.

By train our clinic is a short walk from Sevenoaks train station.

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Whichever clinic you choose, a relaxing and rejuvenating experience awaits you.

Book now for a free consultation at our Harley Street or Sevenoaks clinic to discuss how we can help you look and feel great.