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Botox clinic serving Haywards Heath

Finding a trustworthy, medically lead botox clinic when you’re deep in the Sussex countryside can be a challenge.

But thanks to Melior Clinics you can receive the same high standard of service as our Harley Street patients, just a short journey down the A23 in Hove

Melior Clinics of Hove

We originally opened our first Sussex clinic in Brighton back in 2017. Since then we’ve moved along the seafront a little to our new home in Hove.

You can receive a wide range of treatments at our Hove clinic, including botox, dermal fillers, lip enhancements, mesotherapy and PDO thread lifts. In addition to our aesthetics options we also provide medical botox treatments including for migraines and hyperhidrosis.

Botox to help you look great

The wrinkles associated with aging, particularly if they arrive prematurely, can have a big impact on how you look and how you feel. Botox is a simple answer to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a smoother and more youthful complexion.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles which cause you to form wrinkles, for example the frown lines across your forehead. In the weeks after your treatment you’ll notice a gradual smoothing out of the lines and the subtle rejuvenation effect this provides.

More about our anti-wrinkle botox treatments.

Botox to help you feel great

It’s common knowledge that botox can help to reduce your wrinkles. But did you know that there are many other applications for this clever medication?

Botox for migraines

Botox can be an effective treatment to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks. It’s believed that botox does this by blocking the nerve signals which cause the pain and discomfort associated with migraines.

More about botox for migraines.

Botox for hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. Botox can help to alleviate the symptoms. It works by reducing the activity of the glands which produce the sweat. This lessens sweating and allows you to go about your day without the stress discomfort.

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Botox for masseter jaw reduction

Botox can reduce the size of the masseter jaw muscle, for example if it has become enlarged through bruxism (habitual teeth grinding) or TMJ disorders. Botox limits the activity of the muscles, in the same way it does when used for anti-wrinkle purposes. As a result, it reduces their size and gives the patient a more natural, softer jawline.

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Our other treatments

In addition to botox we offer a wide range of other treatments at our Hove clinic, including:

Dr Tim Beazleigh

Dr Tim Beazleigh, MBChB, BMSc, MLCOM, is the medical director of Melior Clinics and the practitioner who will treat you at our Hove clinic.

Dr Timothy Beazleigh

Dr Tim qualified as a doctor in 1998 and, after initially focusing on musculoskeletal conditions and spending time working in A&E, he moved into the private sector.

Through his time at Melior Clinics Dr Tim has become an advocate of the long term benefits of facial aesthetics, as well as developing the use of botox to help manage medical conditions such as hyperhidrosis.

Free consultations

We always ensure that you are offered a free consultation prior to your treatment. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions. It also means that we can assess your suitability and ensure that the treatment will give you the desired outcome.

If you, and we, are happy to go ahead then the treatment is provided immediately – no need for a second appointment.

We also offer a free review after your treatment and, if appropriate, free top ups.

How to reach our Hove clinic from Haywards Heath

Hove clinic address:

Melior Clinics – Hove
Match Skin Salon
8-16 Third Avenue
East Sussex

By train

The quickest way to reach us from Haywards Heath is by train. There’s a regular service between Haywards Heath and Hove. Our clinic is a 15 minute walk from the station.

By car

You can also reach us by car. Come down the A23 to the seafront at Brighton, then turn right and drive along the front until you reach the right hand turning up Third Avenue.

There is often on-street parking available immediately outside the salon, alternatively the Norton Street car park is a short walk away.