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Our recommendations for World Book Day 2019

It’s World Book Day – so we’ve asked our team for their favourite book recommendations – those which will help your mind, body and soul…or are just a great read!

Here are their suggestions:

Dr Tim Beazleigh

Tim is Melior Clinic’s lead medical practitioner.

The last book I read (or listened to) was A History of Modern Britain by Andrew Marr…does that indicate how boring I really am?! I actually loved it – it filled in many gaps in my rather lacking knowledge base. I dropped history at the first opportunity at school and focused on language and science.

A great book that sticks in my mind, provoked thought and led me to read others by the same author, John Irving, is A prayer For Owen Meany. Followed closely by The Cider House Rules.

An absolute child classic, and I can’t quite believe I missed the whole Roald Dahl thing as a kid, is Danny The Champion of the World. For all those Dads amongst us, it’s a heart-wrencher.

Dan Whitfield

Dan is one of our aesthetic specialists and the lead practitioner of our laser clinic

I’d recommend The Water Secret by Howard Murad. I’m not a fan of downing litres of water and that isn’t what this book is advocating. It talks about water extracted from our diet, which is is laced with vitamins and traces minerals, and how this can help support skin health at a cellular level.

It’s a fascinating read, and reinforces my view that stale bottled water with degraded hormones and free radical causing chemicals can’t be good!!

Natalie Davis

Natalie works in our marketing team and assists with booking management

I’d recommend Care Package by Sylvester McNutt. It’s a bit of an emotional wellbeing/self-help/how to let go/love yourself/be happy/be confident/thrive book.

The author has come from a background of barriers, challenges, negativity and knockbacks. He writes in a relatable way and from experience, exploring how he overcame everything to develop the ability to love and care for himself, have confidence and succeed in life.

Marie-Therese Ward (Tee)

Tee is a registered nurse and skincare expert

A fiction and a medicinal recommendation from me!

My fiction choice is The Light Keeper’s Daughter by Jean Pendziwol. It’s brilliantly written; two storylines intertwined. It’s both historical fiction, suspenseful and just a remarkable book. Try it, you will not regret it!

My skincare choice is Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetic Medicine by Mauricio De Maio and Berthold Rzany. This is an excellent resource book, one of the first I bought when I embarked on the non-surgical cosmetic journey. Not just for beginners; even a seasoned injector can still utilise it to find new tips to improve on technique. I am a personal fan of Mauricio De Maio’s work too and have listened to many of his lectures.

Charlotte Bean

Charlotte works behind the scenes to manage our patient bookings and ensuring that appointments run smoothly.

My latest read was Noel Fitzpatrick’s Listening to the Animals: Becoming The Supervet. I’m crazy about my dogs and this book truly does give you a great insight into how animals and humans bring out the very best in each other. Noel’s pioneering operations with animals are very inspiring to me.

Jo Gudgin

Jo manages our bookings team and ensures that everything runs as smoothly behind the scenes as it does in our treatment rooms.

When I studied health and beauty my teacher, Tina Parsons, who was also the owner of the college, actually wrote a few books herself. One of these was The Anatomy and Physiology Workbook – it was a hefty read, but taught me loads and has really helped in my journey to what I do now for Melior Clinics.