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Meet the team – Dr Lauren Hamilton

We welcomed Dr Lauren Hamilton to the Melior Clinics team in 2018 and, since she joined, she’s become very popular with our patients thanks to her expert treatment and unique patient care.

Working out of our London Harley Street and Sevenoaks clinics, Lauren provides a wide range of treatments, including botox (aesthetic and medical), dermal fillers and lip fillers. She recently became the first Melior Clinics practitioner to train in the provision of our latest treatment, Profhilo.

Please pass on my absolute gratitude and thanks for such a wonderful treatment. I’ve just taken a photo of myself and for the first time I like what I see! And the botox you did for me previously is the best it’s ever been.

From HK, who had dermal fillers and botox with Lauren at our Harley Street clinic

We caught up with Lauren to find out a bit more about her career to date and her life outside of Melior Clinics.

You studied medicine at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, qualifying as a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 2012. Why did you want to become a doctor?

Medicine marries well with my love of science and people. It is a privilege to be let into such a private aspect of someone’s life, particularly as, in some situations, patients can be quite vulnerable.

You didn’t stop there! You went on to achieve an MSc in Medical Education (Merit) from University College London. What sparked your interest in teaching?

Teaching, whether it’s peer-to-peer or near-peer, is commonplace throughout medical school and once you’ve qualified as a junior doctor. While teaching is expected of us, we’re not necessarily equipped with the skillset to perform the task to our highest ability. So I wanted to undertake additional training to ensure that when I taught, I did it well.

How do you now use your teaching skills?

I thoroughly enjoyed completing my MSc in Medical Education at UCL and now I’m able to utilise my skills through my role as a Non-Surgical Trainer for Derma Medical, the UK’s leading aesthetic training provider.

Patient safety is always at the heart of what I do; through training I can ensure myself and the practitioners I train are up to date with the latest advances in the aesthetic field.

What drew you to work in aesthetic medicine?

In my early training years, I had a strong interest in aesthetics and sought out opportunities in Oral and Maxillofacial units. Training in Facial Aesthetics has been a natural progression on from this.

When you’re not working in aesthetics (for us or for Derma Medical) you work for the NHS. Tell us a bit about this.

I work as an NHS doctor in the field of General Surgery. I was initially drawn to surgery as it’s a practical way of problem-solving with good outcomes. I’m particularly interested in oncological (cancer-related) surgery.

I find that all my roles complement each other well and I welcome the variety each day brings.

How do the aesthetic treatments you provide help your patients?

We are all such unique individuals. One patient’s concern may appear trivial to another patient. A large part of my consultation is dedicated to listening to the patient.

It’s important to establish a rapport, allow them to make an informed decision and be non-judgemental throughout. If all of these factors are aligned, along with my technical ability, a patient should leave the clinic feeling empowered. It is a humbling experience to share with a patient.

You have a specialist interest in hyperhidrosis. How can your treatment change your patients’ lives?

Although I have been treating patients with hyperhidrosis for many years, I still share each patient’s joy when they return for their review and are overwhelmed at how effective the treatment has been.

For many of these patients, botox is a last resort, and so during the initial consultation they can seem sceptical about whether the treatment will work. It’s a real privilege to help people in this situation.

Depending on the area being treated, patients can expect a 60-95% reduction in excessive sweating. The benefits patients report range from practical considerations, such as being able to wear coloured clothing, to reduced anxiety, for example when delivering a presentation at work.

When you’re not treating patients for Melior Clinics and the NHS, or training other practitioners, do you find time to relax?!

I have recently been striving for a better work-life balance! There’s nothing I enjoy more than gallery day trips, evenings at the theatre and dining out with friends and family. I just need to find more time for it!

Dr Lauren Hamilton treats patients at our London Harley Street and Sevenoaks clinics. Fill out our contact form or call us on 0330 024 1300 to book your free consultation with Lauren.