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Botox in Tonbridge

Melior Clinics are delighted to offer expert botox treatment to patients in Tonbridge.

Anti-wrinkle botox

Botox is famed throughout the world for its anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing benefits.

It works by relaxing the muscles which control repeated expressions, such as when you frown or squint in bright sunlight.

By gently relaxing the muscles, botox softens the wrinkles they cause, leaving you with a smoother, rejuvenated complexion.

Our botox treatments aim to achieve a natural appearance – we want your friends to notice that you’re looking great…but not realise why!

What it’s like to have botox

Your botox treatment will take about 10 minutes. You should allow up to half an hour for your appointment, as we’ll need to discuss the treatment and your medical history first.

Most people feel little or no pain from the treatment, which is administered with a very small needle (the type diabetics use for their daily injections). You’ll be able to go about your day as normal after treatment, though your practitioner will explain a few precautions to take, such as not having a facial or sauna for 24 hours afterwards.

Medical use of botox

Botox isn’t just about reducing your wrinkles, it also has a number of medical applications.

We offer botox treatment to alleviate the symptoms of migraines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). We also provide jaw reduction treatment for patients suffering from an enlarged masseter muscle.

Other treatments

In addition to botox treatments we also offer dermal fillers, lip fillers and Profhilo.

These can be used as single treatments or in combination with botox for an overall rejuvenating effect.

Dr Lauren Hamilton

Our resident practitioner is Dr Lauren Hamilton. Lauren is a qualified doctor and medical trainer, graduating from the Brighton and Sussex Medical School in 2012.

Lauren has advanced training in botox and dermal filler techniques. She has a specialist interest in treating patients with botox for hyperhidrosis.

Find out more about Lauren.

Visit us at our Sevenoaks clinic

Our Sevenoaks clinic is just 20 minutes from central Tonbridge.

To get to our clinic, leave Tonbridge on the A21 or B245 towards Sevenoaks. At Morley’s roundabout take the A225 (Riverhill). Continue along the A225, taking the right hand fork in the centre of Sevenoaks.

You’ll go past the Sevenoaks cricket ground on your right and we’re in a row of buildings shortly after on your left. There is ample parking available.

The clinic’s address is: 47 Dartford Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 3TE

Our Sevenoaks clinic is Save Face accredited, giving you an assurance of consistently high quality care.

What our patients say

Thanks to JL for these kind words after visiting our Sevenoaks clinic:

“Fabulous staff, extremely professional and the best treatment I’ve received out of the places I’ve been to in the past, I would recommend Melior to anyone.”

Book a free consultation

We off a free consultation to all patients to discuss what you’d like to achieve and how botox, or our other treatments, could help you.

To book your free consultation please call us on 0330 024 1300 or contact us online.