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Aesthetic treatments for your hands

A lot of focus goes on treatments for your face, and quite rightly so. Your face is the part of your body which you (and other people) see most.

Your second most visible feature tends to be your hands. Whether you’re glancing down at them while typing, shaking hands with a business contact or having your nails done, your hands often take centre stage.

Particularly at this time of year, hands can feel dehydrated and rough, with fine lines becoming all too visible.

So, let’s take a look at how we can give your hands a little love to help them look and feel great again!

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Why your hands age

Skin ages as the result of natural, internal ageing and external factors such as sun exposure, smoking and poor diet.

Your hands are particularly vulnerable to premature ageing. Even if you remember to put sunscreen on your hands, it’s often rubbed or washed off and you forget to reapply it.

If you don’t wear gloves for household chores or gardening, then you’re exposing the skin to potential physical and chemical damage.

And, unless you use a very mild soap, each time you wash your hands, you strip them of vital moisture.

In short, your hands have a lot to deal with!

How your hands age

The ageing process lowers the amount of collagen in your skin, reducing its elasticity and ability to retain moisture.

The result of this is skin which sags, wrinkles and roughens.

Your hands can also become prone to areas of pigmentation known as age or liver spots. Despite these common names, these pigmented areas are normally caused by sun damage.

Give your hands a treat

We offer a number of treatments to rejuvenate your hands.


Mesotherapy treatment involves micro injections of nutrients directly into the mesoderm (the tissue below your skin). These ingredients nourish and hydrate your skin. Our mesotherapy treatment for hands includes a rejuvenating skin peel.

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Dermal fillers

Our hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers can be used to target deep lines and wrinkles on your hands. The treatment will return volume to these areas, resulting in plumper, younger-looking skin.

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Profhilo injections deliver very pure hyaluronic acid into your skin. This immediately hydrates your hands, so they look and feel softer. After your second round of treatment it also stimulates collagen production for smoother, tighter skin.

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Skin boosters

Skin boosters from Restylane are injections of hyaluronic acid which intensively hydrate, resulting in smoother and more radiant hands.

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Skin peel

Our skin peels are as effective for your hands as they are for your face. They remove dead cells on the surface of your skin, encouraging new cell growth and resulting in a rejuvenated appearance.

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Laser treatment for pigmentation

Our laser treatments use light energy to target pigmented areas (known as age or liver spots). It progressively reduces the amount of melanin in the skin, so the spots gradually fade away.

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Call us on 0330 024 1300 to book a free consultation with one of our aesthetic skincare experts. They’ll talk you through the different treatment options and, if you wish to go ahead, then you can have your treatment straight away.

You can also contact us online by completing our booking form.