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How to deal with sagging jowls

After a certain age, things start to “go south” and jawlines are no exception to this.

As the skin sags, you lose definition and jowls start to form.

What are jowls?

Jowls are sagging areas of skin below your chin or jawline.

They cause your jawline to lose definition, resulting in an ageing appearance.

Why do jowls form?

As we age, the elastin in our skin gradually breaks down and we produce less collagen. These two proteins are essential in retaining skin elasticity.

With the diminishing supplies of collagen and elastin, our skin starts to sag.

The effect is enhanced as your skin also thins with age, making it less able to retain its original shape.

What is the best treatment for jowls?


Our most popular treatment for sagging jowls is dermal fillers.

These add volume where your face needs it. This could include your upper cheeks, lower cheeks and/or chin or jawline. Our experts will assess where your skin has lost volume and advise on the best areas to target.

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CACI continues to gain popularity as the “non-surgical facelift”. It uses microcurrents to tone and shape your face, lifting the skin and reducing the appearance of jowls.

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After just one Profhilo treatment, this patient’s jawline already has more definition thanks to the skin hydration and lift.

By giving your skin an intensive boost of hyaluronic acid, Profhilo is an all-round rejuvenating relevation. Your skin is immediately hydrated. And, over the weeks after treatment, it supports your collagen and elastin to tighten and lift your skin.

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Read more in our Ultimate Guide to Profhilo.


For some patients, jaw botox may be recommended as part of their treatment plan. By relaxing specific jaw muscles, botox can help to reshape the jawline. It can also trigger other muscles to tighten and pull the skin upwards. Read more about this treatment.

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