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Jaw botox

Contour your jawline with botox

By strategically relaxing muscles in your jaw, botox can reshape your jawline.

It can give you a more feminine, rounded jawline and counteract the signs of ageing.

A more feminine jawline

The masseter muscle (shown below) extends from your cheek to your lower jaw. It controls your ability to chew.

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When this muscle becomes enlarged, for example due to grinding your teeth, it can give your face a squared, masculine appearance.

Botox is used to gradually relax this muscle. Over a course of treatment, the muscle reverts to its original size. This returns your face to softer, more oval proportions.

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Relieve the pain of bruxism or TMJ

An enlarged masseter muscle can be the result of conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding) or temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders.

Botox relaxes the tension in the jaw, often reducing the painful symptoms of TMJ. The resulting weakening of the masseter muscle can also reduce the incidence of involuntary bruxism, thereby limiting wear and tear on your teeth.

Reduce the signs of jawline ageing

As your skin ages and sags, it can cause jowls to form along your jawline.

Carefully targeted botox injections relax specific muscles, causing others to tighten and lift the jawline.

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Redefine your jawline

Fully trained and qualified doctors and nurses administer all our botox treatments.

Before your treatment, you’ll receive a consultation to ensure that the treatment is right for you and will achieve the results you desire.

Jaw botox treatments are available at all our Save Face accredited clinics. Call us on 0330 024 1300 or contact us online to book your appointment.