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Treatments for glabellar lines

Why the frown?

We all have lines on our faces which become deeper and more pronounced as we go through life. Some we’re happier to live with than others – laughter lines perhaps – but some lines bother us and can even give us unwanted facial expression.

What are glabellar or glabella lines?

Glabellar lines, often called 11s because of their parallel nature, are short vertical lines between our eyebrows, which extend to our forehead and are usually about a centimetre in length. 11s tend to be the first facial lines to develop, and can become visible as early as our mid-20s.

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Why do glabellar lines or 11s form?

The skin on our glabella (the bony area between our eyebrows) is thicker than that of our eyelids, for example, therefore the lines that form here can be deeper than the fine lines around our eyes (sometimes called crow’s feet). Factors such as exposure to sunlight, tendency to smoke and mood can affect the depth of glabella lines. Our individual musculature affects their shape and angle.

What are the treatment options for glabellar lines?


Botox is an excellent treatment to improve the appearance of glabellar lines. Our botox treatment gently relaxes the muscles in the skin of the glabella to soften lines. We specialise in creating natural and rejuvenating results for our patients.

This patient came to Tee for 3 areas of botox/antiwrinkle treatment: forehead lines (frontalis), frown lines (glabella) and crow’s feet (orbicularis oculi). Four weeks after treatment her dynamic lines (which show when you make an expression) have smoothed, yet the results retain a natural look.


A very effective treatment for deep glabellar lines or 11s is dermal fillers. This very targeted treatment gently plumps out the lines to create a smoother appearance, which can be transformative in softening the expression, so that there is much less of a frown.

Super CACI

CACI is a non-surgical facelift procedure, which achieves a lifting effect by toning facial muscles and stimulating collagen regrowth. With focused treatment on deeper lines, CACI is an effective way to smooth the skin.

Is it time to lose your frown?

You can have your treatment at one of our Save Face accredited, CQC registered clinics at Huntingdon, London, Peterborough or Sevenoaks.

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