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The gentle alternative to jaw reduction surgery

There are many reasons why patients might consider jaw reduction surgery as a means to achieve the aesthetic results they are looking for.

Some patients may feel that their chin or jawline is too prominent and are looking to narrow or soften this part of the face to improve the overall balance in appearance.

Others may feel that their jawline is too square or masculine and are seeking a softer or more feminine contour.

Jaw reduction surgery is one option to achieve a softer jaw profile, but it is invasive and requires commitment not only in time and recovery, but to the desired results.

Masseter botox can, for many patients, provide a gentler alternative treatment. 

What causes a square jawline?

Other than natural face shape and muscularity, the masseter muscle has a part to play in the shape of our jawline.

This muscle is a major facial muscle located in the jaw that is associated with chewing. It is also associated with conditions such as temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder, which causes joint pain in the jaw or bruxism (teeth clenching or grinding).

An enlarged masseter muscle can result in a wide or square jaw, which can be considered quite masculine and not aesthetically pleasing for some patients.

What does jaw reduction surgery involve?

Jaw reduction surgery is an operation under general anaesthesia and is usually a day-case procedure, so patients do not need to stay overnight. The surgeon makes incisions inside the mouth to avoid scarring. The re-contouring of the jawline is achieved by removing and reshaping bone and the removal of excess tissue. Dissolvable sutures close the incision.

Post-operative care requires patients to wear a facial compression support garment and to follow a soft diet for several weeks. Initial swelling resolves over a few months.

As with any operation, there are side-effects to jaw reduction surgery than can include initial pain, and inflammation and swelling during the healing process. In rare cases the surgery can result in asymmetry or changes in sensation.

Non-surgical treatment options for jawline reduction

Masseter botox

Botox is used to gradually relax the masseter muscle. Over a course of treatment, the muscle reduces in size, making it less prominent and therefore giving the face a softer, more oval profile. The carefully targeted injections, whilst causing relaxation in specific muscles, cause others to tighten and lift the jawline.

Botox can be used to treat the conditions associated with the masseter muscle, for example, to reduce the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder. Tension in the jaw is relaxed and the resulting weakening of the masseter muscle can also reduce the incidence of involuntary bruxism, thereby limiting wear and tear on the teeth.

A masseter jaw treatment with botox usually only takes a few minutes and the results can last up to six months. Most patients require two treatment sessions, with a gap of approximately eight weeks in between.

Non-surgical jaw reduction is a very popular treatment amongst female patients. This method of facial reshaping is far less invasive. It enables patients to re-contour a strong jawline, or wider lower face, to achieve a more feminine, graceful appearance, without the associated expense, recovery time and potential risks of surgery.

Handsome, stylish confident, smart man in white shirt, rubbing jawline and look from under forehead with pleased cheeky

Although particularly popular with female patients, botox treatments to reduce the masseter muscle are also used by male patients to soften a strong, wide or square jawline.


A possible alternative treatment for reshaping of the jawline is dermal fillers. Fillers are used in a targeted way to improve the contours of the jawline. They can soften or add definition to natural features, or combat signs of ageing, such as sagging jowls.

Volumising, hyaluronic acid fillers are injected to restore lost volume or re-contour the shape of the jaw. Our expert practitioners will redefine your jawline to achieve your desired outcome – whether you want a more traditionally feminine or masculine appearance.

Talk to us about jaw reduction treatment

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At Melior Clinics we are specialists in jaw reduction treatments, whether masseter botox or dermal fillers is the right option for you. 

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