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Baby botox – achieving subtle, natural results

Before receiving treatment with botox for the first time to treat wrinkles or fine lines, some patients may be concerned that the results will be too pronounced for them – with worries about expressionless foreheads or restricted smiles.

If botox is something that you have wanted to try, but are nervous about the results, baby botox could be the ideal first ‘baby’ step.

What is baby botox?

The term ‘baby botox’ relates to botox treatment where smaller doses of botox are administered, although the solution is the same strength as with conventional botox treatment.

How does botox work?

Botox is able to temporarily relax muscles by blocking the nerve signals which would otherwise cause them to contract.

By reducing muscle activity that would normally cause wrinkles – when you frown for example – botox stops wrinkles from forming.

Our extensive experience with facial anatomy and our understanding of how facial muscles move and work enables us to produce extremely natural results.

What are the benefits of baby botox?

Because baby botox is administered in smaller amounts – across areas such as the forehead or around the outer edge of the eyes where ‘crow’s feet’ can form – wrinkles and fine lines can be significantly reduced or eliminated, whilst still allowing facial movement and expression.

This therefore achieves a very subtle and natural-looking result.

Who is baby botox suited to?

Baby botox is perfect for patients who have never had botox treatment before. It’s an ideal introductory treatment for patients who want to delay the early signs of ageing and wrinkle formation.

It’s also particularly suited to patients who simply want to look refreshed and rejuvenated, without it appearing obvious that they have had aesthetic treatment.

How long does baby botox last?

Every patient is unique in how they metabolise the botox, however in general, the benefits of baby botox will last between three and four months. The first time you have treatment, the effects will wear off more quickly – but after several treatments the benefits will last longer.

Does baby botox hurt?

The needle that we use is incredibly fine and is only in the skin for a few seconds. Generally, patients do not experience any discomfort.  

Are there any side effects?

You may experience a little redness, and occasionally a small amount of bruising, at the site of the injections, but it shouldn’t feel sore after treatment.

How much does baby botox cost?

Our baby botox treatment costs from £225.

Talk to us about baby botox treatment

We offer a free initial consultation where we’ll discuss the most appropriate treatment for your desired outcome. If you’re happy, you can go ahead with your treatment immediately.

You can have your treatment at one of our Save Face accredited clinics at Huntingdon, Harley Street, Peterborough or Sevenoaks.

You can book online or, if you prefer, call us on 0330 024 1300.