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10 years younger – a facial rejuvenation journey

Encouraged by her friends, Karen Alexander paid a visit to Melior Clinics that began with curiosity and resulted in a journey that has changed her life.

Karen was feeling all of her 58 years and she felt this was reflected in her skin, which in turn was affecting her confidence and self-esteem.

When she met Dr Kaywaan at our Harley Street clinic, he showed Karen that by celebrating her natural features with carefully tailored treatments, her skin could look fresher and healthier. In fact, Dr Kaywaan felt that Karen could look 10 years younger.

Feeling empowered, Karen’s journey to rejuvenation began.

Before 10 years younger treatmentAfter 10 years younger treatment

Layering tailored treatment

Dr Kaywaan carefully assessed all aspects of Karen’s skin and bone structure to develop a step-by-step approach that would treat her skin in layers and zones.

By treating the deeper layer of skin right through to the outermost layer, Dr Kaywaan would achieve the best possible outcome for Karen that would reveal naturally rejuvenated skin.

Read more about our combined treatments.

1. Deep, lifting volume

The first step was to provide the deepest level of treatment for Karen’s skin.

Specialist dermal fillers were used all over her face to stimulate collagen and provide a volumising, lifting effect.

With dermal fillers, immediately, that prized youthful fullness is restored. However, to achieve the results he wanted, there were further steps along Karen’s journey.

2. Nourishing hydration

For the next stage of treatment, Dr Kaywaan focused on the mid-layer of Karen’s skin, where hydration was needed.

Dr Kaywaan wanted to ensure that Karen’s skin was not only hydrated, but nourished with the vitamins that would ensure its health and vitality going forward.

Hyaluronic acid is the skin’s natural hydrator. Skinboosters are specially formulated to deliver hyaluronic acid directly into the skin through a series of small injections.

This intense hydration accomplishes a number of benefits, including smoothing the skin and restoring radiance.

3. Achieving the final glow

The final stage of Karen’s rejuvenating treatment plan was concerned with the surface of her skin.

First, microneedle treatment was used to deliver vital nutrients directly into the top layer of her skin to further stimulate collagen here. Fractional mesotherapy increases hydration and tightens the skin.

Finally, Dr Kaywaan knew that a chemical peel would be finishing touch that would give Karen that all-important glow.

Peels use specially formulated natural acids to provide deep exfoliation of the skin. This process improves skin texture and draws moisture to the surface, restoring radiance.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for me. I like looking in the mirror again.

Watch Karen’s journey to rejuvenation with Dr Kaywaan:

Ready for a rejuvenation journey of your own?

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