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Mesotherapy to treat sun damage

We enjoyed a wonderfully sunny summer this year. But if you have occasionally forgotten to apply the factor 30, then your skin might be feeling the negative effects of too much sunshine. Why not try our mesotherapy treatment, which delivers natural remedies directly into your skin where they’re most needed?

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Which wrinkles can botox treat?

We all know that botox is a great anti-aging solution, smoothing out your fine lines and wrinkles. But perhaps less well known is which parts of the face botox can treat.
Read on to find out which wrinkles botox can fix, and which will require a different approach.

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Botox clinics – Orpington area

If you’re in Orpington and seeking the perfect Botox clinic then you’re spoilt for choice! You’re in easy reach of not one, but two of our clinics offering expert treatments with Botox and many other medical aesthetic options.

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