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Our treatments for fine lines and wrinkles

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We all want to grow old gracefully, but fine lines and wrinkles can prematurely age you and dent your confidence in your appearance. With the help of our treatments you can turn back time and reveal smoother, more youthful skin.

Causes of fine lines and wrinkles

Your skin is constantly renewing itself, in fact the outer layer (the epidermis) is completely replaced every 60 days as old skin cells are shed and new ones take their place. Blood vessels feed your skin while fibres of collagen and elastin give it a plump and taut appearance.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused by a decrease in collagen and elastin production alongside a reduction in fat under the skin. This happens naturally over time (particularly once you’re over the age of 40) and results in sagging and wrinkles.

Your genetics are the main factor influencing how early and to what extent you accumulate wrinkles, however there are a number of other factors which also play an important role:

Sun exposure

The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight breaks down the collagen and elastin in your skin and is one of the main non-genetic factors in premature ageing. This especially affects people with fairer skin tones.


In addition to the other health risks associated with smoking, it can also change the blood supply to your skin and, as a result, speed up the ageing process.

Facial expressions

You’ll find that fine lines and wrinkles start in the areas which you use the most, such as when you smile, raise your eyebrows, frown or squint. As you age your skin loses its ability to spring back into shape after these frequently repeated expressions.

Symptoms of fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles can occur anywhere, but they are mostly found on the areas of the skin which are commonly exposed: the face, neck, hands and forearms.

They can be especially noticeable around your eyes, mouth and neck.

Our treatments for fine lines and wrinkles

We offer a range of treatments to help target specific lines and generally smooth out your complexion to help you achieve a more youthful appearance:

Just wanted to say I’m chuffed to bits with my Botox and filler results. So happy with how much my frown line has disappeared and how quickly the Botox worked. By day 3 my lines had disappeared. So thank you.

DF – Cambs


Fine lines and wrinkles

How can I prevent fine lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of the ageing process. However you can take these preventative measures to delay their arrival and manage existing ones.

Protect your skin from sun exposure using a sunscreen which has high SPF and UVA protection and wear sunglasses with wide arms to give the delicate eye area a bit more protection. Apply sunscreen daily, even in the winter. Wide brimmed hats and long sleeved shirts will protect your neck and arms from the ageing effects of sunlight. Read our blog for more advice on being safe in the sun.

Use appropriate day and night moisturisers for your skin type and age. We can advise on the best combination of skincare products to use.

Don’t smoke. If you’re a smoker we’re sure you’re fed up of hearing this, but even if you’ve smoked for years, quitting now will improve your skin and prevent further damage.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and keep well hydrated throughout the day. Try to introduce more antioxidants into your diet as these can help reduce the damage done by free radicals to collagen-producing fibroblasts. Brightly coloured and/or bitter tasting vegetables and fruit tend to be rich in antioxidants and the Omega 3 in oily fish can also reduce cell inflammation caused by free radicals.

When do fine lines and wrinkles start to appear?

Most people will start to notice fine lines in their twenties and thirties, but generally it’s from your forties onwards that they really take hold. In women skin ageing particularly occurs after the menopause.

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I’m absolutely thrilled with the results – the transformation is incredible. I just wish I’d had this done ages ago. Fantastic!


The results have changed my life! I am now able to enjoy life without the constant embarrassment and anxiety [hyperhidrosis] brings.


My face looks amazing :))


… I’m extremely thankful to Dr Timothy Beazleigh who carried out the [treatment for migraines] as I have felt so well since.


I am delighted with the result of my treatment – it’s even better than I dared to hope for.


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