Fractional Mesotherapy

Fusion Meso Expert

Fusion Meso Expert is a breakthrough device for the transdermal delivery of cosmetic products. It utilises Electroporation, Photon and LED stimulation to enhance the penetration of Mesotherapy cocktails. The specific electrical current opens aquaporine channels and cellular membranes to allow targeted ingredients of high potency to reach the heart of cells. The resulting activity facilitates the formation of healthier, more radiant and vital appearance to your skin. Some of the concerns that can be addressed are;

Mesotherapy can help with the following conditions

  • Expression lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging and ageing skin
  • Dark eye circles and puffiness
  • Eye fat bags
  • Sun damage and hyper-pigmentation
  • Oil and acne prone
  • Sensitive
  • Cellulite and localised fat
  • Stretch marks

Fusion Meso Pen Platinum

The Meso Pen Platinum is the perfect device for fractional mesotherapy treatments. The Pen delivers precise and targeted depth micro channels to start the transdermal delivery of ingredients. It can also be used in an advanced protocol to micro-needle. This is a minimally invasive, non surgical procedure to induce collagen for skin rejuvenation. The treatment can effectively reduce the look of surgical and acne scars. Also to lessen the causes of thinning, sagging and wrinkled skin. Can help with the following:

  • Stubborn expression lines and deep wrinkles
  • Vertical peri-oral lines
  • Post-surgery scars
  • Severe sun damage
  • Acne scarring / Ice-pick scars and very enlarged pores
  • Deep décolletage creases

LED Light Therapy Mask

LED LIGHT THERAPY is a new treatment that is non-invasive and most notably perfected by NASA to treat and improve wound healing in space. Recent research has found that LED’s stimulate the basic energy flow and perspiration of cells which is called Biomodulation. Test have shown the increase in specific wavelengths of light can affect the skin in positive ways. Red light for stimulation collagen and elastin and green light to lessen hyperpigmentation.

The medical LED Mask can provide many benefits such as

A course of treatments can provide dramatic and long lasting results for many different conditions, together with improvements in skin tone and complexion.


Fractional Mesotherapy

This facial utilises gentle needling with bespoke mesotherapy cocktails, enhanced with electroporation and LED therapy.

Fractional Mesotherapy
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75 minute session£175
Course of 3 sessions£480

Although a single session can provide discernible and lasting results. As an advanced facial a course is recommended for best results. When tackling a particular issue the sessions would be spaced 2-3 weeks apart with a booster every 2-3 months.

Fractional Meso and Collagen Induction Therapy

This facial utilises the same technologies as the Fractional Mesotherapy treatment with the addition of enhanced needling. This will induce collagen on a deeper level and tackle deep lines and acne scar reduction.

Fractional Meso and Collagen Induction Therapy
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90 minute session£299
Course of 3 sessions£799

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