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Blushing is a perfectly normal reaction where the cheeks become flushed red due to an increase in blood flow.

However, for some people, blushing or flushing can be excessive. It can become a significant problem and have an impact on their quality of life.

Causes of blushing

The direct cause of blushing is an increase in blood flow to the affected area due to the blood vessels dilating (enlarging) too readily. There are several conditions which can trigger this including erythrophobia (a fear of blushing), rosacea and the menopause.

It’s important to explore with your GP whether there could be an underlying medical condition causing your excessive blushing.

For others, the blushing may be triggered by consuming specific types of food or drink. In many cases it just happens for no apparent reason.

Botox for blushing

For some sufferers, Botox can provide a simple and effective solution for excessive blushing.

Botox is most commonly known for relaxing the facial muscles to smooth out wrinkles, but it has many other applications.

Botox is thought to work by blocking nerve signals to muscles. It is this property that allows it to help reduce blushing. Botox disrupts the nerve signals which would otherwise trigger the blood vessels to dilate (enlarge) and cause a reddening of the skin.

The result can be a reduction in blushing.

This treatment is applicable for many types of blushing and redness, including when it’s a symptom of rosacea.

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About your treatment

Free consultation

We’ll invite you for a free consultation to discuss your problems with blushing and to ensure that both you, and we, are happy that the treatment is right for you.

Expert practitioners

If you, and we, are happy for the treatment to proceed, one of our trained doctors or nurses will administer the botox injections.

The treatment itself will take around 30 minutes, depending on the area(s) to be included.

The injections are made just under the skin (more shallow than anti-wrinkle botox injections). There is very little discomfort during the treatment.

Botox treatment for blushing is available from Dr Tim Beazleigh, Dr Chrissy Coffey, Dr Lauren Hamilton and nurse Marie-Therese Ward.

After your treatment

Botox generally takes around three days to start to take effect, with the optimum results attained after two weeks.

We will provide you with full aftercare information at your appointment and book you in for a free review – at which we can administer free top-up treatments if necessary.

The benefits should last from three to six months.

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Where you can have treatment

You can receive your botox for blushing treatment at any of the following clinics:


Botox for blushing
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