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What is a Skin Peel?

A skin peel is designed to accelerate the removal of old, dead skin cells at the surface of the skin to promote new cell growth and accelerate rejuvenation. It offers a revolutionary way of treating ageing skin, acne and other blemishes, as well as reducing sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. The procedure can also help the skin to appear smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter.

Obagi Peel

This non-surgical procedure involves using a low concentration of chemical trichlororoacetic acid (TCA) mixed with a special blue base. The Obagi Blue Peel allows regulation of the depth of the peel and can remove surface layers of aged and damaged skin. The aim of removing these dead cells is to encourage the body to replace them with healthier ones, allowing the skin’s own clarity and tightness to resurface. The procedure is performed by our practitioners who have specialist training and experience with this highly effective Obagi peel.

We offer a range of skin peels that aim to treat fine lines, shallow acne scars, dry or rough skin, dull skin tone, as well as to reduce sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne and enlarged pores.

Blue Peel is generally considered to be a well-tolerated procedure that rarely produces erythema or inflammation, and most patients find that they can resume their normal lives sooner after a Blue Peel when compared to treatments that utilise CO2 lasers or dermabrasion techniques. Blue Peel healing is generally relatively painless and the healing itself should take place within seven to ten days.

With all types of peel you may need to use specified homecare products to help prepare your skin and ensure that it is in optimum condition prior to the peel. You may also need to use specified homecare products after your peel, all of which can be provided by us at Melior Clinics.

Skin Peels
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Obagi Blue Peel£475
Nu-Derm System — Skin Cell Rejuvenation£292.50

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