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Excessive unsightly body hair can be upsetting for both women and men, and difficult or inconvenient to remove, but thankfully laser hair removal treatments can help.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is a rapid yet gentle way of removing unwanted hair that can result in permanent hair reduction. Usually over 80% of targeted hair is permanently removed after the recommended course of treatments.

What Can Laser Hair Removal Treat?

Laser hair removal can also treat ingrown hairs and aid in the reduction of irritated skin and red bumps that are caused by nuisance hairs. These treatments are suitable for men and women and can be used on any part of the body and on all skin types.

Save Money with Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments can save you the time and money that you would otherwise have to spend on shaving, plucking or waxing, making for a much more convenient grooming regime after treatment.

Optimal wavelength for any patient: Gold standard 755nm Alexandrite and 1064nmNd.yag wavelengths Unsurpassed efficacy for all skin types FDA approved, latest generation laser system with a built-in cooling device to deliver comfortable treatments.


How Often Are Treatments Required?

On average 6 to 8 treatments are needed at 6 to 10 week intervals. You may also require maintenance treatments once or twice a year to maintain results depending on your skin type. The exact number of treatments depends on several factors including hair colour, skin colour, hair density and the site of hair growth, all of which we will advise you of during our free no obligation consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Laser Hair Removal Treatments1 SessionCourse of 6 SessionsCourse of 8 Sessions3 Post Course
Package 1
Odd hairs / very small areas£12£60£84
Package 2
Nose£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Earlobes£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Fingers£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Nipples£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Navel / pubis line£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Upper lip£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Chin£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Cheekbones£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Hands£70£350 (save £70)£490 (save £70)£175
Package 3
Underarms£90£450 (save £90)£630 (save £90)£225
Jawline£90£450 (save £90)£630 (save £90)£225
Sideburns£90£450 (save £90)£630 (save £90)£225
Peri-anal£90£450 (save £90)£630 (save £90)£225
Feet / toes£90£450 (save £90)£630 (save £90)£225
Package 4
Neck£115£575(save £115)£805(save £115)£285
Upper lip & chin£115£575(save £115)£805(save £115)£285
Jawline & chin£115£575(save £115)£805(save £115)£285
Hands & fingers£115£575(save £115)£805(save £115)£285
Shoulder blades£115£575(save £115)£805(save £115)£285
Bikini (regular)£115£575(save £115)£805(save £115)£285
Package 5
Jawline / neck£135£675(save £135)£945(save £135)£335
Upper arms£135£675(save £135)£945(save £135)£335
Lower arms£135£675(save £135)£945(save £135)£335
Abdomen£135£675(save £135)£945(save £135)£335
Bikini (Brazilian)£135£675(save £135)£945(save £135)£335
Package 6
Half face / neck front£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Beard (male)£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Buttocks£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Upper back£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Bikini line£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Navel-pubis£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Bikini / peri-anal£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Bikini / underarms£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Bikini (Hollywood)£150£750(save £150)£1050(save £150)£375
Package 7
Full face inc neck£170£850(save £170)£1190(save £170)£425
Front of thighs£170£850(save £170)£1190(save £170)£425
Brazilian & peri-anal£170£850(save £170)£1190(save £170)£425
Brazilian & navel-pubis£170£850 (save £170)£1190 (save £170)£425
Brazilian & underarms£170£850 (save £170)£1190 (save £170)£425
Package 8
Full face male£220£1100(save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Shoulders£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Chest£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Arms£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Shoulders / upper arms£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Underarms / Brazilian / Navel-pubis£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Full bikini / Hollywood & Navel-pubis£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Full bikini / Hollywood & Peri-anal£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Lower legs£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Thighs£220£1100 (save £220)£1540 (save £220)£550
Package 9
Full back£350£1800 (save £300)£2300(save £300)£875
Chest & abdomen£350£1800 (save £300)£2300 (save £300)£875
Full legs£350£1800 (save £300)£2300 (save £300)£875

Full Body Package Pricing

Full Body Packages1 SessionCourse of 6 SessionsCourse of 8 Sessions3 Post Course
Package 10
Women’s full body£650£3200 (save £700)£4500 (save £700)£1625
Excluding face (full legs / arms / bikini / navel-pubis / peri-anal & underarms)
Package 11
Men’s body£850£4100 (save £1000)£5500 (save £1300)£2125
Torso / upper arms / chest / abdomen / full back / shoulders
Package 12
Men’s full body exc face£1200£6500 (save £700)£8100 (save £1500)£3000
Excluding face (chest / abdomen / navel / full back / shoulders / arms / underarms / legs / buttocks /peri-anal / groin)


Please Note: Prices quoted are an approximate guide only. A more accurate costing will be advised during our free no obligation consultation. Other body treatment areas are also possible which we are happy to discuss.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal over IPL Treatments?

At Melior Clinics we use Cynosure’s light-based laser aesthetic technology, and whilst some beauticians or clinics may offer a lower cost option of hair removal using IPL technology, there is evidence to suggest that these treatments are less effective. The benefits of using laser hair removal rather than IPL hair removal include:

  • Laser achieves greater results with 90% of patients receiving permanent hair loss after 3 to 6 sessions
  • Laser is more precise than IPL and can selectively target dark, coarse hairs or smaller areas whilst leaving the surrounding skin undamaged
  • Laser technology allows for settings to be adjusted to specific skin tones and hair colour
  • Laser heat is absorbed by the follicle and not the skin, therefore decreasing the risk of burning

Am I Viable for Laser Hair Removal?

Certain factors can determine whether or not a patient is a viable candidate for laser hair removal depending on their skin tone and hair colour. Those unsuitable for treatment may include the following but we are happy to arrange a free consultation to confirm patient viability:

  • Those with ginger, blonde or white hairs, which may respond poorly or not at all to treatment
  • Dark skin types such as Asian and Afro Caribbean skin. These skin types may not be suitable for the stronger lasers because the skin pigment absorbs too much energy which causes skin damage
  • Patients with a recent sun tan
  • Patients with a history of sensitivity to light based treatments
  • People with an active infection in the area to be treated
  • Pregnant women

Where to go for Laser Hair Removal?

At Melior Clinics we currently offer laser hair removal at two of our clinics to cover London and Cambridgeshire, but we regularly receive patients from across the South East, so even if you’re in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, or anywhere else in the South East, don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange for a consultation. Currently all treatments are carried out in our Harley Street Laser Hair Removal and Huntingdon Laser Hair Removal clinics.

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If you want to find out more about the laser hair removal treatments that we provide at Melior Clinics, included the further details about how the procedure works and pricing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of the team who will be happy to help you with your enquiry. You can easily contact us by completing the contact form below, by calling us on 0330 024 1300 or by booking a free no obligation consultation.

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