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EveryWoman Health is a weekly specialist menopause clinic held at our Huntingdon clinic.

EveryWoman Health was founded by Dr Glenys Quartey-Irwin, who is an experienced Menopause Specialist. Glenys is formally recognised by the British Menopause Society and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health. She is also a Women’s Health Specialist and NHS General Practitioner.

EveryWoman Health provides a holistic and evidence-based approach to menopause care which is tailored to your individual needs. You do not need a GP referral and both in-person and video consultations are available. The clinic is a relaxed and supportive environment where you can discuss your personal experiences and concerns.

Why choose EveryWoman Health?

A personalised treatment plan can help you to:

  • Understand how your body is changing
  • Manage symptoms in a way that works for you
  • Make informed choices about treatment options
  • Cope with the psychological impacts
  • Improve your overall wellness

Real patients, real results

Whether by design or chance to have had a GP with a menopause specialism was incredible. I had had a very difficult day prior and Dr Quartey-Irwin filled me with pragmatism, confidence and all the hope I needed to move forward. THANK YOU.

Get in touch

Contact EveryWoman Health by emailing

Full contact details and opening times can be found on the EveryWoman Health website.

How to find us

Melior Clinics, 10 St Peters Road, Huntingdon PE29 7AA


Menopause treatments

Will I need blood tests and other investigations?

The majority of menopausal women do not need further investigations (eg blood tests, pelvic ultrasounds, dexa scan, etc). However, they may be recommended if clinically indicated due to your specific circumstances.

Do you prescribe compounded bio-identical hormones?

No, we do not prescribe compounded bio-identical hormones. These are custom-made hormone preparations that do not have any good quality evidence for their efficacy, safety or dosing consistency. They are also unregulated and not recommended by the British Menopause Society.

We do, however, prescribe body identical hormones. These are regulated hormones which have the same structure as the hormones naturally found in your body and are the safest type of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Do you prescribe testosterone?

Yes, we do prescribe testosterone as part of hormone replacement therapy for women, when it is clinically indicated.

Testosterone replacement is not licensed for women in the UK but can be prescribed off-licence by menopause specialists. Creams and gels (applied to the skin) are the safest form.

You would need to have your baseline testosterone level checked before commencing treatment and close blood test monitoring to ensure that your testosterone levels do not exceed the normal range for females.

Can I Have a Mirena Inserted at the Clinic?

EveryWoman Health does not currently offer a mirena insertion service. However, if it is recommended as part of your management plan, you could arrange to have it inserted at your GP practice or at a contraceptive and sexual health clinic (eg iCASH).