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Re-Contour, Re-Define and Augment your Cheek, Chin and Cheekbone Areas


SILHOUETTE SOFT® is a new rejuvenation treatment with a double-action lifting and collagen regeneration effect. Also known as the one-stitch lift, the Silhouette Soft can enable an instant natural lift and contouring to the face and neck using an entirely re-absorbable suture. Effects can be immediate and results can last up to 18 months.


SILHOUETTE SOFT® takes the form of threaded cones made from poly-l-lactic acid – which is entirely re-absorbable – and has been used successfully in the medical arena for many years. The sutures can be used to lift the soft tissues of the face and neck, offering a temporary solution to sagging tissues for patients who do not want or need traditional face lift/neck lift surgery and offers a significant advancement in the management of the ageing neck.

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SILHOUETTE SOFT® uses innovative technology with the aim of redefining the face, restoring volume and reducing wrinkles, all within a treatment that usually only takes 30 minutes. By stimulating the natural production of collagen in the ensuing months, it can provide an excellent regenerating effect with long lasting, natural results.

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