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What is a Full Face Botox Treatment?

‘Full face’ Botox treatments are becoming more and more popular as men and women look to rejuvenate the whole face and not just specific regions to the upper section, by-passing a variety of invasive surgical alternatives.
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3-D Global, The Modern Approach to Facial Aesthetics

The modern approach to non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments as a viable alternative to invasive cosmetic surgery is proving ever more popular. Advanced facial aesthetic clinics are now approaching treatments from a three dimensional, more global perspective – focusing on loss of volume together with sagging of the skin, activity of facial muscles and direct treatment to the skin surface. It is a holistic approach, using combination treatments.
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Botox Growth in London Bucks Current Financial Trends

  • 7th September 2010
  • Botox

The popularity of Botox in London as an effective yet affordable non-surgical anti-ageing cosmetic treatment is growing, and fast. Despite the economic downturn, recent reports suggest the number of adults in London opting for facial aesthetic treatments, including Botox, has increased…

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