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Treatments to address sunken cheeks

Loss of volume in the mid face is a natural part of the ageing process.

Depending on factors such as bone structure, muscle tone and the amount of sub-cutaneous fat in the skin, sunken or hollow cheeks can be more apparent in some people.

There are several gentle and effective aesthetic treatments to address this very common issue, to create a softened and plumped complexion.

A middle aged lady with sunken cheeks

What causes sunken cheeks?

Sunken cheeks occur when there is a lack of facial tissue between your cheek bone (the zygoma) and your lower jawbone (the mandible).  

The natural reduction in collagen and elastin production as we get older is a contributing factor in tissue loss, as these cellular fibres help to maintain skin tone and volume.

As we age, the skin also loses its efficiency at retaining water. Therefore, lack of hydration also influences this issue.

Other health and lifestyle factors also impact sunken or gaunt-looking cheeks. These include sun damage, illness, diet, and habits such as smoking.

Sunken cheeks treatment

At Melior Clinics, we offer a range of treatments that can significantly improve the appearance of sunken cheeks by stimulating, nourishing, or deeply hydrating the skin.

Sunken cheeks filler

Strategically placed dermal fillers are a trusted and highly effective approach to restoring lost volume in the mid face and specifically for sunken cheeks. Fillers lift and plump the skin, and smooth out deeper wrinkles.

Because they are formulated from hyaluronic acid, dermal fillers are also extremely hydrating for the skin, leaving it feeling fuller and revitalised.

Before and after: sunken cheeks treatment with fillers

Before and after: sunken cheeks treatment with fillers
Here, targeted fillers were used to restore fullness to the cheeks.

Skin boosters

With a combination of nutrients including hyaluronic acid and amino acids, skin boosters are an injectable treatment that deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

The rejuvenating effects of skin boosters also build over time as they stimulate the body’s natural process of regeneration.

We offer a range of skin boosters including Profhilo, Sunekos, Restylane and Jalupro. Your practitioner will recommend the best approach for your skin type and the issues you would like to resolve.

The boost of hyaluronic acid in the skin leaves it feeling hydrated, tightened and lifted.

Before and after: sunken cheeks treatment with Profhilo

Before and after: sunken cheeks treatment with Profhilo
This patient’s cheeks are fuller and smoother following Profhilo treatment.

Fractional Mesotherapy

This treatment delivers vital nutrients and hydration directly into the skin using microneedles.

Fractional Mesotherapy may also be a recommended treatment for sunken cheeks as it is very effective at addressing deep folds in the skin.

The blend of nutrients used is uniquely tailored to each patient’s specific objective, whether that be increased hydration, skin tightening or softening of deep lines.


CACI is also known as a non-surgical facelift procedure, which delivers tiny electrical impulses into your skin. It achieves a lifting effect by toning facial muscles and stimulating collagen regrowth.

CACI is an effective way to smooth the skin. This, combined with its lifting effect, make it a successful treatment for sunken cheeks.

Laser rejuvenation

This technology helps restore the skin’s youthful appearance through a process called photo-rejuvenation.

It can be used to target skin laxity along with fine lines, therefore, for some patients, laser rejuvenation may be the recommended treatment for sunken cheeks.

The laser light is delivered to the affected tissue. The body’s natural healing process will then remove the injured tissue, giving the skin a more even, youthful appearance.

Talk to us about treatment for sunken cheeks

We always offer a free initial consultation, through which our expert practitioners will assess your skin and suggest the best approach for your desired outcome. If you’re happy, your treatment can take place straight away.

You can book online, call us or email to arrange your consultation.