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Hyperhidrosis Q&A from The Times

The Times

Dr Mark Porter
October 19 2010 12:01AM
I am hoping that you can help me with an embarrassing problem. I sweat quite heavily and often end up with unsightly patches on my blouse, which I often have to change a couple of times a day. I am scrupulous about personal hygiene and always use an antiperspirant — what else can I do?

The easiest way to reduce excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is to use a medical-grade antiperspirant such as Anhydrol Forte or Driclor, which will be far more effective than normal sprays or roll-ons. They are available from pharmacies and are used in a different way from conventional antiperspirants in that you generally apply them at night and wash them off in the morning.

Follow the instructions to the letter, and you may be able to control your sweating with just two or three applications a week. If that fails, or you develop soreness (a common side-effect) then talk to your GP about a referral to a specialist with an interest in hyperhidrosis who can offer other options. These are likely to include Botox injections to paralyse temporarily the sweat glands and — in extreme cases — surgery to cut the nerves supplying them. Visit for more information.

Melior Clinics of Harley Street – specialists in the use of Botox to address hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) issues respond:

Hyperhydrosis is the excessive production of sweat; a condition that can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Botox is a proven, safe and effective treatment, which takes minutes and lasts for months – success rates are almost 100%. Perspiration normally diminishes substantially within 48 hours and results can last from 6-12 months, at which point the treatment can be repeated.

Botox is used to disable the eccrine and apocrine glands and stop them producing and secreting sweat from the body. Small doses of Botox are injected in a grid-pattern to the affected area which blocks the actions of the nerves that supply the sweat glands, thus preventing the glands from producing sweat.  Areas treated successfully with Botox for hyperhidrosis include the underarms, hands, feet and upper face.

Melior Clinics of Harley Street, specialise in hyperhydrosis treatments with Botox.  Their team of highly qualified and experienced practitioners offer free, no obligation consultations with time built in for immediate treatment.   Hyperhydrosis treatments at Melior Clinics are currently on offer and reduced by up to £150.

Testimonial: I am now able to enjoy life

I have suffered from underarm hyperhydrosis for about 11 years, during this time I have searched in desperation for some relief from this condition, trying everything from aluminium chloride deodorants and ionotophoresis to surgery.  I also suffered an extremely painful and ineffective treatment of Botox from what was obviously an inappropriately trained practitioner.  After having exhausted all available treatments I resigned myself to living with this condition.

Melior Clinics was introduced to me purely by chance and after having the opportunity to discuss at length my previous Botox treatment and learn that the discomfort and results I experienced were not normal, I went ahead with a further treatment.

The results have changed my life! I am now able to enjoy life without the constant embarrassment and anxiety this condition brings.  I am free to wear the clothes I want to rather than those that disguise the problem and as a result I have developed a new hobby – clothes shopping!

Without the support, compassion and extreme patience of Dr Beazleigh I may never have given this treatment a second chance!

JT from London

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