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Perfect your pout with a botox lip flip

The botox lip flip is growing in popularity as a simple and effective way to enhance your lips without using fillers.

What does a lip flip do?

Many people feel that their top lip is proportionally thinner than their bottom lip. This can become even more evident when smiling, as the top lip stretches and turns under.

The botox lip flip causes the top lip to roll upwards ever so slightly. This has the effect of creating a fuller appearance, so you can smile with confidence.

It has a knock-on benefit of reducing perioral wrinkles (including smokers’ lines).

How does a lip flip work?

Botox is used to relax muscles, which is why it’s so effective in reducing wrinkles which are caused by repeated facial expressions.

In a lip flip treatment, minute amounts of botox are injected into the orbicularis oris muscle, which controls your top lip. This makes the muscle relax a little and results in your top lip protruding fractionally more.

What’s it like to have lip flip treatment?

The treatment itself doesn’t take long, although you should allow about thirty minutes for your full appointment.

Very small amounts of botox will be injected along the outer edge of your top lip. The needle we use is very fine, so most patients feel little or no discomfort.

You should start to see the benefit of your treatment gradually appear over the next two weeks as your muscles gently relax.

How long will the lip flip last?

The results of a lip flip tend to last for around eight weeks. This is shorter than most anti-wrinkle botox treatments because a much smaller amount of botox is used.

Should I choose a botox lip flip or lip fillers?

Actually, you don’t have to choose, you could have both! The treatments each give you slightly different results but work well in combination.

A botox lip flip is great for balancing your lips if your top lip is significantly thinner or seems to ‘disappear’ when you smile. It gives you a natural-looking result.

Lip fillers will enhance the overall lip shape and add fullness to both lips. While they can be used to subtly enhance your lip volume, they can also increase it quite significantly if you prefer a more dramatic look.

Some patients might benefit from having both treatments, to create fuller, more balanced lips, including when they smile.

We offer a free consultation before all our treatments, so if you’re not sure which option will give you the results you want, then our expert practitioners will be able to advise you. If you want to go ahead, you can have your treatment at the same appointment.

Book your lip flip and get ready to flout your pout!

Botox lip flips are available at all our Save Face accredited clinics:

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